The Truth About Traveling and My Tips to Make it Easier

When you think about traveling you probably imagine an exotic white sand beach in South America or a cobblestone road somewhere in the European countryside, trying the local food and exploring the area while adapting to the culture. Sure, this is part of it, and it’s the good part – it’s what makes the not … Continue reading The Truth About Traveling and My Tips to Make it Easier

Alone in Portland

I love traveling and I live for road trips. I am most at peace when I am out in the wilderness sleeping under the stars. But I am always with someone, never alone. When I decided to take this two week solo road trip, it was because I had been stuck at a desk job … Continue reading Alone in Portland

September Road Trip – Wine Country

September 6 2015 The rain had cleared up by morning so we were able to make a small fire and defrost while eating some breakfast. We packed up camp, stopped briefly to cast to some trout, and then we were back on the road. The drive north west was a different landscape than we had seen previously. There … Continue reading September Road Trip – Wine Country


September Road Trip – First Stop

September 4 - 5 2015 First stop, Ouray Colorado Ouray didn't work out as planned. I thought leaving work two hours early would land us at the base of Mt. Sneffels to set up camp for the night and put us right where we needed to be to get an early start of hiking. GPS said … Continue reading September Road Trip – First Stop